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8 consejos prácticos para la Cura de Internet Su Añadir (Trastorno por Déficit de Atención)

Este es un puesto de invitado de Alex Brie Hack el día.
Usted sabe que tiene que - cada empollon hace - la sensación de cosquilleo en la mano izquierda para presionar Alt + Tab o Cmd + Tab para cambiar de aplicaciones, navegador de Internet pestañas o ventanas, para pasar de Firefox a tu correo electrónico, mensajería instantánea, Twitter, su trabajo actual [...]

Este es un puesto de invitado Alex Brie de Hack el Día .

Usted sabe que tiene que - cada empollon hace - la sensación de cosquilleo en la mano izquierda para presionar Alt + Tab o Cmd + Tab para cambiar de aplicaciones, navegador de Internet pestañas o ventanas, para pasar de Firefox a tu correo electrónico, mensajería instantánea, Twitter, su trabajo actual y volver a Firefox.

No importa lo que haces, parece que nada es lo suficientemente importante como para evitar que la escritura de un breve mensaje de mensajería instantánea a su mejor botón de lo que la última broma de su oficina compañeros han enviado por correo electrónico.

Nothing is too important that can’t wait till after you play a quick online flash game or read another blog post while your boss is outdethe room.

Trastorno por Déficit de Atención en Internet es el asesino de la productividad que afectan a la mayoría de los trabajadores de oficina de hoy- the stringent urge to “browse just a little more” in between your daily work tasks; to peek at the Digg homepage, check out the hottest YouTube videodethe day, skim through your blog feeds reading what happened in the last hour, to jump eagerly whenever Outlook or Mail.app alert youdenew mailyinterrupt all activity when you get via IM a link to a funny picture.

Sure, GTD, Zen To Doneymost other productivity methods try to help you manage your priorities betteryignore the insignificant.But how could you ever do this if there’s always “one more” blog post to read, “one more” IM to answer, “one more” twitter status to check out?

Enter our brief listdetips to detect, manage, containyeven cure the Internet ADD.Here on Zen Habits you’ve read plentydetips on how to focus on the most important tasksdethe dayyignore the trivial things.But now we’ll look at tips to do that, aimed specifically at the Internet ADD:

  1. Detectar su timewasters!Time online is spent in many ways you are probably not aware of.You need to monitor your browsing habitsydiscover your time wasters - saber tu enemigo.
    • Seguimiento de su uso de software - hay un buen número de programas shareware, pero la mejor herramienta que encontré hasta ahora el trabajo es tiempo pargo for Windows - the pro version is a bit expensive but gives you nice reports on what apps you use most, saves screenshotsdeyour desktop,yeven comes with a “productivity calculator”.It is available for free in a trial version so you can track your computer-usage habits without paying anything.The freeware version is extremely useful as well, though it doesn’t have the nice reports.I don’t knowdeanything similar for Apple, so give us a sign if you do…
    • If the previous app doesn’t do much for you, you can still learn for free how much timedethe day you use Firefox.Track it with esta extensión nifty - Como se ha visto en Lifehacker.com .It doesn’t do much, just counts the seconds the Firefox window has the focus.Simple yet scary once you see the results.
    • For a more detailed viewdeyour main Internet time wasters, a Firefox extension developed by two neuroscientists with an interest in compulsive internet behavior comes to the rescue - Page Adicto registros de sus sitios web visitados y muestra en línea los informes y gráficos .You can also group the sites by tags/the domaindeinterest - blogs, email, news, work, search, to get a more broad viewdewhere your daily time goes.
  2. Let’s say we discovered what the main online time wasters are.You were shocked, just like me, at the amountdeinvoluntary time you spend daily, just browsing around.What can you do?

    Firstdeall, remember, the Internet is a tool.A useful one, but a tool nonetheless.Whenever you feel crowded by the new blog posts alerts, the instant messages or email in your inbox, do what you’d do with any other annoying tool.Take control.Ignore it.Let it wait.

  3. Offline Day.Try to cure your Internet Addiction by having, at least once a month, a “completely offline” day.From the time you wake up till the time you go to sleep, avoid any contact with the Internet.No PDA, no email, no IM, no blogs.
  4. Offline Hours.Durante el trabajo, instituir un "fuera de línea hora" hábito, la hora a la queHecho obtener trabajo.Just go to Control Panel / Network (on Windows) or System Preferences / Networkyclick “Disable/Disconnect”.Warning, the first time it might feel weird.This is the time you do your offline work - write memos, write code, etc.If you really NEED to get stuff from the Internet, write it downymove to the next item on your to-do list.No matter what, only go back online after the hour has passed.You’ll be surprised how much stuff you can get done with a bitdevolunteer offline time.
  5. Internet Browsing.La extensión de Firefox se ha mencionado anteriormente, Page Adicto , offers the perfect solution to limit the time you waste browsing the web - for each groupdewebsites you defined using tags, you can specify the numberdeminutes you allow yourself to spend daily.Once you reach the daily limit on the group, you’ll be met with the message volver al trabajo! bloqueados por el acceso a la página pageaddict.What else can we say, but … brilliant!
  6. No Twitter @ work.Nothing is more annoying than an SMS cutting into your flow.While it’s nice to learn that your friend’s cat has just been washed, it’s nothing you want to learn while doing your job.Go to your Twitter settings pageytell it not to notify you during your work hours.
  7. Discreet Instant Messaging.IM gets moreymore used in many people’s jobs, whether they are freelancers or corporate employees.If you can’t live without it, try to at least contain the damage:
    • Separate accounts for home/work.It parecens so hard to have separate IM accounts, but it’s worth it: no more “wazzaa dude, we got soo wasted last night” messages coming from your college buddy in the exact moment your boss was looking over your shoulder,yno more “did you finish the TPS reports?” messages coming in the middledea peaceful Saturday family dinner.
    • Ir invisible!Odio el momento en que los residuos a chatear con tus amigos de mensajería instantánea? La mayoría de los programas de mensajería instantánea le permite ir "invisibles" - usted todavía puede estar en línea y recibir mensajes de gente querealmente deseaen contacto con usted.
    • Disable sound alertsypopups.You’re much too familiar with it - you were just getting “in the flow”, really focusing on the jobystarting to get things done, when an IM window pops up with a buzzyinterrupts you.First thing you should do when installing an IM program is to disable the alert notifications - sure they parecen useful, but they aren’t.No popups, no Growl notifications.Instant Messaging should be called this way because it ALLOWS you to answer immediately, not because it FORCES you to.
  8. Reduce email interruption.I’m stating the obvious here - just like for IM, try to have two separate email accounts - one for your personalyone for your professional life.Get better anti-spam filtering, so that your Inbox only contains real messages.Define filters, labelsyrules,y(on Gmail) Archive anything that matches them - move as much stuff outdeyour Inbox as possible.
  9. Check out stuff only on predefined schedules.Looking at the Dock/Taskbar to see if any new mail has landed in your Outlook / Mail.app can become a bad habit really quickly.Instead, set your Taskbar/Dock to auto-hide,ytry learning to check them at predetermined fixed times only.You can define recurring alerts on your phone, calendar or incluso con Quicksilver to remind youdethe moments you allow yourself to check email, go online for a bitdebrowsing or IM your friends.

There are certainly many more tips you can do to cure your Internet ADD - for instance, when doing hard work, setting your browser preferences to block images, Flash or Java applications can avoid a lotdedistractions. For instance, when I was in college, during exams season we used to unplug the computer altogether to remove temptation,yonly allow ourselves a quick browsing or gaming session for an hour or so, as a reward after the exam.It surprisingly worked pretty well.

¿Cuáles son sus sugerencias para curar Añadir a Internet? Háganos saber en los comentarios.

Alex Brie blogs about productivityylife hacks at Hack el Día.Read moredehis posts, including Convierte tu escritorio en una herramienta de productividad y El Consejo Mayor Productividad en el Mundo O suscribirse a su alimentación .

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