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Automatice sus ingresos para simplificar tu vida

Todos los martes es Día de la Familia y Finanzas en el Zen hábitos.
El título de este post casi parece el tema de un correo electrónico de spam cuando se mire, y, sin embargo, estoy completamente seria - una de las mejores maneras de simplificar su vida es poner sus ingresos en piloto automático. No es una tarea fácil [...]

Todos los martes se Finanzas y Día de la Familia Zen en hábitos.

El título de este post casi parece el tema de un correo electrónico de spam cuando se mire, y, sin embargo, estoy completamente seria - una de las mejores maneras de simplificar su vida es poner sus ingresos en piloto automático. No es una tarea fácil al principio, pero una vez que tienes que crear, es bien vale la pena el esfuerzo.

En lugar de trabajar duro para ganar dinero todos los días y cada mes, el trabajo duro para crear su flujo de ingresos y, a continuación, hacer un mínimo de trabajo a partir de entonces para mantener ese flujo.

He hablado antes acerca de cómo poner su facturas y ahorros en piloto automático - Ahora vamos a ver cómo hacer lo mismo con sus ingresos. Esto no es una idea original, por supuesto - autor y blogger Tim Ferriss conversaciones acerca de cómo hacerlo en Las 4 horas de trabajo la semana (leer una entrevista con Timothy Ferriss Hecho en Para Escribir), y mi colega blogger Brian Tracy lo llama Ingresos pasivos (véase también el excelente Five WaysparaCreate Ingresos pasivos ). Robert Kiyosaki autor, entre muchos otros, ha estado hablando de ello con bienes raíces por un tiempo ahora.

Pero en este artículo, vamos a hablar un poco acerca de cómo automatizar sus ingresos pueden simplificar su vida y, a continuación, buscar la manera que usted puede ir haciendo.

Simplificar, simplificar, simplificar
En esta página hemos hablado mucho de la simplificación, de a la simplificación de su lista de tareas para la simplificación de sus retretes y todo entre los dos . The idea is that by eliminating the unnecessaryythe clutter in your life, you can have more timeparafocus on what is truly important,yenjoy more calmyless stress in the meantime.

These same concepts applyparaincome, although we rarely give that much thought. Most of us work a salaried job, putting in the hours every dayparaget a paycheck,ythat’s what supports our lifestyles. Sometimes we trabajo un segundo empleo ,parahelp pay the bills, or pay off the debts, or save. That’s the normal way of generating income,ythere’s nothing wrong with it.

But if you give it a little thought, our means of generating income can really complicate our lives. We have a lot of daily stress from our jobs,ythe daily grind can be tediousyexhausting. We have long to-do listsyendless meetingsyphone callsyemailsyinteracting with co-workers all day long. Un trabajo es la complicación.

Now imagine that you create a small business for yourself, perhaps on the side, or maybe you create a property such as a book or a CD that can be sold overyover again once it’s created. Sure, this will take a huge investment in timeyenergy,yperhaps money (though not always), but once it’s done, your investment of timeyenergy is minimal,ythe return is well worth that initial investment.

Put in some hard work,ysoon a steady stream of money could be coming in,yyou only haveparaput in a small amount of time each day or weekparamake sure that things are running smoothly. Now your automated income supports your lifestyle with very little work required,yyou’re freeparapursue your dreamsypassions. No more long to-do lists, no more meetingsydays full of callsyemailsyco-workers. No more commutes. Ese es el último de simplificación.

Se va a tener mucho trabajo al principio, pero no es la sencillez que los resultados valen la pena el esfuerzo?

HowparaAutomate Your Income
There is no one wayparacreate an automated stream of income — there are many different approaches. And the details requiredparaimplement them would take a bookparacover. The following are just some ideasparaget you thinking, andparaopen your mindparathe possibilities. I should also note that there is always a risk of failureparaany of these types of ventures — nothing’s guaranteed, but with some smartsyhard work, it can be a success.

  • Creación de una empresa. For many employees, the thought of creating a small business is scary, perhaps even unthinkable. But there isn’t that muchparait. And if you keep your costs down — say, operating off the Internet instead of opening a real-world retail outlet — your initial costs don’t haveparabe super high. Do some brainstorming, do some researchytesting,ythen go for it! If you do it right, you don’t even needparahire employees — contract out the services you don’t wantparadoparafreelancers or contract firms. The possibilities of small businesses are endless, but what you really wantparado is create a product,ysell it on the Internet. Create a product that you would actually use, aimed for a niche market that you actually belong to, so that you will know a lot about the productythe customersytheir needs.
  • Sitios Web. Why sell on the Internet? The initial costs are way lower, for starters, plus it’s much easier with less hassle,yeverything can be automated, unlike real-world establishments. No real estatepararent, no equipment or furnitureparapurchase, no utilities or IT infrastructureparaset up, no employeesparahire. Keep it simple. Creating a website has low costs, all of which can be done under $1,000. Research each of these steps before getting started:
    • comprar un dominio
    • conseguir una red de acogida
    • contratar a un diseñador de la tela (o hacerlo tú mismo)
    • la compra de anuncios de CPC (como Google o Yahoo)
    • conseguir un sistema de pago (una vez más, como Google o Yahoo's)
  • Dé vuelta a su servicio en un producto. Do you currently provide a service? If so, you haveparadevote many hours each weekparaprovide that service. However, if you can turn that service into a product, such as a book or DVD or web site or CD, you can create it onceysell it overyover. Brainstorm the best wayparacreate a product that gives customers the same information or skills that they would get from you in person. See how others have done it for inspiration. Most of these products can be created easilyycheaply, using software on your home computer,ycan be mass produced by a number of companies for a pretty low price.
  • Otros tipos de ingresos automatizados. Instead of creating an information product, you could create a real-world product, such as a gadget or nutrition product. Freelance designers can turn your idea into an actual design,ycontract manufacturers can turn the design into a product. Otros tipos de ingresos automatizados include real estate, online retail businesses (including an eBay business), affiliate marketing, a blog,ya membership-type website. There are many possibilities. Find waysparaturn your strengths into a revenue generator.
  • La inversión inicial. Most of these types of businesses require an initial investment of timeymoney. The time investment just means you’ll haveparaput in some hard work, at least for the first 2-3 months, until you have it automated. But the money investment can stop a lot of people. If you’ve got a little money saved up, creating a low-cost, low-maintenance business might be a good investment for that. You could also get a small business loan, or a personal loan from friends or family. If this is a problem for you, consider some of the lower-cost setups, such as a blog (only costs are domain nameyhosting) or creating a DVD yourselfyselling it online.
  • Primera prueba. Before you launch your businessystart manufacturing your product, test it out with some ads first. You can do this with print ads in niche magazines (don’t tryparasellparaeveryone, just a small, focused niche) or with Google Adwords. Set up your websiteparatake orders, place the ads, monitor the stats,ysee if there’s any demand. If the demand is good, begin the manufacturing immediately. If not, you may needparatweak either the ads, the niche you’re marketing to, or the product itself.
  • Automatice su negocio. Once you’ve got your website upyrunning,yyou’ve begun taking ordersymailing out the product yourself, find waysparaautomate every part of your business. There are companies you can contractparatake the orders, place the orders with a manufacturer, process the credit card charges,yship the orders offparathe customer. If you contract out the manufacturing, the credit card processing, the shippingyorder handling, all you haveparado it make sure there are no problems. Tim Ferriss’ Las 4 horas de trabajo la semana is a great guideparamaking this happen.
  • Sit back,yenjoy. Once you’ve got everything automated, you’ll only needparamonitor thingsparamake sure everything is running smoothly. Andparamake sure the money is piling up in your bank account. At this point, your time commitment could be as little as 30 minutes a day or even an hour a week. Quit your job, watch your automated income flow in, sip Margaritas. Life, simplified.

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