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Cada viernes es el Día de la Salud Consejo Zen hábitos.
Usted ha leído y disfrutado de los Top 20 de Hacks Motivación y Productividad Hacks Top 10 y el Top 15 Dieta Hacks ... y ahora que ha pedido ejercer pirateos. ¿Quieres ellos, tienes ellos.
Estos artificios le harán más saludable, más delgada y, sí, sexy. Rrrowrr!
Sólo señalar, [...]

CadaVierneses Consejo de Salud del Día Zen en hábitos.

Usted ha leído y disfrutado de la Top 20 de Hacks Motivación y Top 10 Hacks Productividad ythe Top 15 Dieta Hacks …ynow you’ve asked for exercise hacks. You want ‘em, you got ‘em.

These hacks will make you healthier, slimmer,yyes, sexier. Rrrowrr!

Just to note, I’m not a certified trainer. I’m just sharing stuff that’s worked for me. Also, some of thesstuff escontradictory. That’s because you’re not supposed to implement all of them — just pick the ones you think will work for you,ygive them a try. Good luck!

Comienzo de la página 42 ejercicio Hacks

  1. Empieza despacio. The biggest mistake that people make when starting an exercise plan esstarting too fast or too hard. Trust me, I’ve done it many times. I’ve learned to take it easy, start as small as possible,yworry about endurance or intensity later. The key in the beginning esto make it enjoyableyaccomplishable. That’s probably not a word, but it should be. And it esnow. Zen Habits are ones that are accomplishable.
  2. Aumento, pero poco a poco. After getting used to a certain level of exercise, you’ll want to increase it. Don’t just run two miles or walk 20 minutes three times a week for a year. Your body adjusts to the stress you’re giving it, so you need to increase the level once you’ve adjusted. But do it gradually,yonly every two weeks or so.
  3. Manivela hasta que. Once you’ve gotten used to exercise, you’ll want to do some higher intensity ones for better fitnessyfat-burning. For example, instead of running slowlyysteadily, for a long time, try doing shorter bursts of fast running, with periods of rest in between. You can do thesfor any exercise. Higher intensity increases the calorie burn,yimproves performance. But you can’t do it as long,yyou shouldn’t do it every workout. Mix it in with endurance workouts.
  4. Calendario de entrenamientos. Make appointments with yourself to workout, at a specific timeyplace, just as you would with any other appointment. And make it the most important appointment on your calendar — more important than a doctor’s visit or even the manicurist.
  5. Lo convierten en un hábito . Si usted puede hacer ejercicio al mismo tiempo, cada día durante un mes, es más probable que lo convierten en un hábito. Coherencia hace más arraigadas costumbres. Una vez que se trata de una costumbre (y fácil de inicio en el principio!), Entonces puede acelerar un poco la intensidad.
  6. Olvídese de la pérdida de peso. Yeah, many of us would like to lose some weight. But if you’re motivated solely by weight loss, exercise will be a tough proposition. The reason esthat you might not lose weight right away. Oh, it’ll come, if you can keep it up over time, but in the beginning you might be disappointed (especially if you haven’t changed your eating habits). Just get into the habit of exercise,yworry about the weight later. First things first.
  7. Olvidar el gimnasio. The gym can be horribly convenient, but it can also be intimidating for beginners,yconfusing if you don’t know how to use the equipment. Sure, you can get a trainer to teach you, but if the cost or the confusion stops you from exercising … well, skip the gymydo it at home or at the park or somewhere less intimidating. You can do pushupsycrunchesydumb bell exercises at home very easily, workout to a DVD, or go walking or jogging in your neighborhood. Cheapysimple esmy motto.
  8. Prémiese. Self-explanatory, but rewards are best if they are frequent in the beginning. Be self-indulgent! Even sweets are good rewards — remember, get into the habit of exercise,yyou can worry about weight loss later.
  9. Hacer un reto de 30 días. Challenge yourself,ysee if you can rise to the occasion. Do it with a group or your significant other. Put in rewards. Tell everyone you’re doing it. Motivate the hell out of yourself.
  10. Únete a un grupo en línea. One of the best motivators eshaving to report successesyfailures to a group of people. Check out some online groups (there are groups for every type of exercise), introduce yourself, see which ones you’re comfortable with. Once you’ve gotten established (after a couple of days) see if you can post your results every day — you won’t go wrong once you start doing that.
  11. Publicar los resultados en tu blog. There’s nothing more motivating than positive public pressure (short of a gun to your head). Step it up by making a promise to your blog readers that you will commit to thesgoal for a month,ypost your results every day. Even if your mom esyour only blog reader, it’ll really help.
  12. Hacer una revista. If you don’t post your results on your blog, write it in a journal, either online or on paper. However you set it up, make it a habit to post to your journal or log right away, as soon as you’re done with your log. It will motivate you to see your progress over time,yit’s a good way to see what you’re doing rightywhat you’re doing wrong.
  13. Hacerlo más divertido! Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore. I love doing a morning run, with the sun coming up, the world so quiet, my mind left to its own devices. Enjoy yourselfyyou will actually look forward to your workouts.
  14. Combustible hasta. If your workout esmore than 30 minutes, you really should have some energy in you. You shouldn’t work out on an empty stomach — but you also shouldn’t eat right before you work out. Eat a banana or some peanut butter toast or a ClifBar an hour or two before your workout,yyou’re good to go.
  15. Hidratación. Also an hour or two before you workout. Water esbest. Use a sports drink during your workout (and after) only if you’re going to go an hour or more. If you’re going to do a tough workout, stay hydrated throughout the day. In fact, go aheadydo theswhether you work out or not.
  16. Obtener una sesión de ejercicios amigo. Find someone at your level,ycommit to working out a certain number of times a week together, at a certain time. Theswill make you more likely to keep that workout appointment,yworkouts can be a lot of fun if you spend them chatting with your buddy. Just be sure to actually work out,ynot just chat, Chatty McChatterson!
  17. Obtener buena ropa. Actually, you don’t need anything fancy to get started. But once you do start working out, it’s nice to get yourself some nice workout clothes, with breathableycomfortable fabrics, ones that look good on you. It’s motivating,ypleasurable. Make it so.
  18. Ponga una cubierta en su modelo de nevera. Not literally, of course, as that may be illegal, but find a good magazine photo of a model with the body you want,ypost it up somewhere visible. You may never look like that model (heck, that model probably never really looks like that), but it’s motivating. Don’t pick a model that’s too good looking, or you may question your sexuality.
  19. Cambio hasta que. Sure, walking or running every day can be a lot of fun. But getting some swimming or biking or strength workouts or aerobics or kickboxing into the mix can be a lot of fun,ycan also help you get into better shape. They work out different muscles,ystep up the metabolism. Variety esthe spice of lifeyall that.
  20. Hacerlo temprano en la mañana. My favorite time to work out esbetween 5:30y6:00 a.m. Plus, I know that if I work out at thestime, nothing will get in the way of the workout later in the day. It’s a beautiful time of day, not too hot,ythere’s nothing like showeringygoing to work knowing that I’ve put in a great exercise (and it allows me to feel superiorylook down my nose at those lazy bums I work with).
  21. Apriételo en durante el almuerzo. OK, you’re not a morning person. You’re busy. You don’t have time to work out. Well, suck it up, buster,ysacrifice your lunch hour to the gods of fitness. Bring your workout clothes, do a quickie nooner,ybe back at work ready to tackle the afternoon.
  22. Lo primero que después del trabajo. None of those options work for you? Not a problem, my friend. Make it a daily appointment to work out as soon as you get off work. Theswill also motivate you to finish your work on time so you can get out on time for your workout. It’s great to stop somewhere to do your workout before you even get home, because once you get home you’ll probably want to relax on the couch, fall asleep at the kitchen table, or rush to the computer to read the latest Zen Habits post.
  23. A littleyoften. You don’t need to work out long,yyou certainly don’t need to be a weekend warrior. Just 20-30 minutes every day. Who doesn’t have 20 minutes on their schedule. You? Well, scratch “Walker Texas Ranger rerun” off the scheduleymake room for thesinstead.
  24. Sólo hasta encajes. Yeah, you’re dreading the upcoming workout. But don’t even think about it. Sólo hasta encajesyhead out the door. That’s all. After that, let nature take its course. Just relaxydo what comes naturally. Which esexercise.
  25. Únete a una carrera. Signing up for a 5K or a triathlon are my favorite motivators. It really gets me to do my workouts because if I don’t, I will look like a dork by collapsing 5 minutes after the starting gun goes off. But don’t worry about how you look — just goyhave fun at these races — everyone else esworrying about themselves too much to notice you.
  26. Obtener buenas artes. Como recompensa, búscate un buen poco gadgets - deportivo reproductor de mp3, un polar monitor de ritmo cardíaco, un podómetro, una escala, un equipo de bicicletas, lo que sea. Algo fresco que le hará Esperamos tus entrenamientos.
  27. Olvídese de las artes. Having said that, you don’t need any of that to actually work out. Just put on some cheap clothesyget out the door. Don’t let your lack of gear stop you,yfor criminy’s sake, don’t goybuy all the gear before you actually start working out.
  28. La regla del 10 por ciento. Don’t increase your workout time or distance by more than 10 percent a week. Thesesa very conservative rule,yit can be broken by the best of the best, who know what they’re doing, but for the rest of us, stick with thesto prevent burnout or injury.
  29. Resto. Es importante. Thesesa commonly overlooked factor. If you don’t give your body some rest, you will burn outyget injured. Rest esjust as important as the workouts in improving performanceyfitness. As long as you’re doing the workouts tooynot just the rest!
  30. Duro y, a continuación, fácil. If you do a hard workout today, rest or go easy tomorrow. Don’t do two hard workouts in a row. The hard-easy approach can also work within a workout itself — run hard, then run slow, then run hard … you get the idea. Thesallows you to burn more fat than if you just run medium the whole time.
  31. Escuche a su cuerpo. Thesesextremely important — if you feel like you’re overdoing it, you probably are. Restyallow your body to recover. And though you can run through some slight soreness or aches, you should stop as soon as you feel sharp pain or pain in the joints. You’ll just make it worse.
  32. Strength esgood. If you’re a walker or runner or cyclist or swimmer or something like that, you should also fit some strength training into your schedule. Nothing too intense, but just some core-strengthening exercises that will help your main sport as well as make you healthieryyes, more attractive.
  33. Establecer metas. What are you trying to get out of your exercise? It’s good to know if you’re trying to build muscle or burn fat — because these are two competing goals. There are other goals, of course, but you should be clear what they are. Also, set goals for each week — what do you want to accomplish thesweek? Write it down, post it up,ysee if you can meet them!
  34. Tome fotos de usted. Beforeyafter photos. The best way to see your progress over time. But do it once a month, not every hour, you narcissist!
  35. Primera sesión de ejercicios, la dieta más tarde. If you’re just starting a workout plan, it’s best not to start a diet at the same time. Well, I don’t like diets in the first place, but still — one thing at a time. I’d prefer the workout first,ythen worry about the diet after about a month of working out. You didn’t get fat overnightyyou’re not getting skinny overnight either!
  36. Star gráfico. Sí, usted sabe cuáles son. Pero son muy motivadoras. Hacer una sesión de ejercicios, presentados en una estrella. Diversión!
  37. Obtener un entrenador. You certainly don’t need one, but there’s nothing more motivating than a coach. Almost like a workout buddy, in that you are very likely to make the appointment, but less chattyymore knowledgeable. And if you’re going to learn swimming, a coach esa must. Yes, you can get a coach — there are master’s swimming classes at your local pool. Just sign up — they’re usually not that expensive.
  38. Únete al club. In my area, there esa great running clubya great cycling federationytriathlon federation. All of them sponsor racesySunday ridesythings like that where you can workout with a groupytalk to more knowledgeable people. Well worth the small membership fee!
  39. No hay dolor que bueno .... Forget the old rule of “no pain, no gain”. You don’t need pain to get in shape. Just take it easy, progress gradually,yenjoy yourself.
  40. Calentar. If you’re going to do any kind of exercise, don’t do it with your muscles cold. Gradually get your heart pumpingyblood flowing. You’re less likely to injure yourself,yyour workout will be more enjoyable.
  41. El estiramiento. Sure, flexibility esimportant. But stretching out cold esa good way to get injured. If you’re going to stretch out before a workout, be sure to do so only after your warmup. Also, do not bounce. That’s another good way to tear your muscles. Do slow stretchesyhold them without bouncing. Best of all: stretch after a workout, when your muscles are niceyloose.
  42. Ir a largo plazo. Most of all, don’t think that you will become fityhealthyysexy in one month. Think of exercise as a life-long habit,yyour goals will come to you eventually. You’ll get there, my friend!

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