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Si quieres despertar feliz en el día a día,usted tiene que es dueño de su propio tiempo. Tienes que ser el que dictalo que hacesycuando lo haces. De lo contrario, usted está a merced de supropietariojefe.

Tú may think that you should be grateful for your job,yyou should. But when it comes down to it, you’re not going to hit a ceiling of happinessypurpose if you’re not working for yourself. (I know there may be a few excepciones, but let’s be honest, they are excepciones.)

No es conseguir alrededor de este.

But working for yourself is a scary idea, right? No one to tell you what to do every day. No one to say when you can go to the bathroomywhen you can eat lunch. No one to tell you what to wear or who to talk to.

De quitarse la correa es alarmante cuando se ha desgastado desde hace tanto tiempo.

Este es el clincher, aquí está larealmente-ventilador: La mayoría de nosotros ni siquiera hemos correas alrededor de nuestro cuello a todos. La mayoría de nosotros pensamos que estamos en control.

Pero no somos.

Echemos un vistazo a cómo normalmente descompone:

  • Sueldo fijo? Comprobar.
  • Beneficios? Comprobar.
  • Cómoda rutina? Comprobar
  • Libre clips? Compruebe.
  • Significado? Rara vez.
  • Propósito? ¿Te refieres a que las empresas ininteligible misión?
  • Seguridad? No realmente.
  • Libertad? Pedir permiso no es la libertad.

¿Realmente crees que tienes la seguridad en el empleo?no tenemos control alguno sobre si su empresa quiebra.Que no es la seguridad en el empleo.

So what’s the difference between a renegadeythe average cubicle citizen?

Es de pensar.

It’s astonishing that this makes difference between the people that end up being “lifers” at a company (by default),ygives up on their dreams vs. those who steer their own courseylive their dreams.

What’s the gap between dreams being fantasyyreality? Obviously, it’s a matter of action. But, what makes the free man take action where the cubicle citizen recoils? This is the question that has been burning in my mind for some time. This mindset makes the difference between successynear certain failure.

We all have these traits in us; it’s just a matter of cultivationypractice for them to become fully expressed.

Aquí están las siete cosas que usted puede hacer ahora.

1. Recuperar tu mente.

Esto podría parecer un poco extraño, ¿verdad? ¿Quién podría pensar que no son propietarios de su mente? La verdad es que la mayoría de nosotros vivimos en parte con la mente libre. Actuamos sobre nuestras intenciones, siempre que nuestra zona de comodidad no es violado. Nos rebelamos cuando el riesgo es mínimo.

In order to reclaim propietarioship of your mind (and stop renting it out) you have to demand of yourself nothing short of a completely free, unadulterated mind. Underline this in your mind: “I won’t let anyone else have control or dictate the contents of my mind. Only I have that power.”

2. Ponte en respuesta automática.

La capacidad del líder para tomar medidas, a pesar de no haber un claro supuesto, es una habilidad muy codiciada en el mundo empresarial. Un líder tiene la acción, mientras que otros esperan en torno a la situación a ser más favorables. Él tiene la "auto-respuesta" de "Voy a ello." Cuando nos enfrentamos a una decisión difícil, o poco claro camino, emprende una acción en lugar de esperar a que los pedidos.

The more you’re able to take action despite having all the facts, the faster you’ll get results. Tú’ll adjust your course when you make mistakesyultimately get there much faster than the person waiting around for the perfect plan to materialize.

3. Piense holísticamente.

All of our decisions are interconnected. A choice in our health could create an improvement in our productivity. A shift in our spiritual practice can cultivate a calm state, where your focus increases. A move toward working for yourself will dramatically impact your freedom of timeymovement,ygreatly improve your happiness. All of our decisions are interconnectedya smart renegade knows this. She tries to make high leverage holistic decisions that will have a ripple effect across all aspects of her life.

Think holistically. See how the changes in all areas of your life impact each other, not just in business, but in the areas of health, fitness, finances, mental/emotionalyspirituality.

4. Cuestionar la autoridad.

Too much skepticism will make you unbalanced,ywill honestly probably turn you into a conpiracy-theory nutcase. A healthy amount of skepticism, on the other hand, is essential to working intelligently.

Uno de los más antiguos que viven renegados, Siddhartha Gautama (también conocido como Buda), una vez dijo: "No crea todo lo que le han dicho, a menos que de acuerdo con su propio sentido común." El mismo consejo se aplica 2.000 años más tarde. Escuchar a usted en primer lugar, antes de escuchar a los expertos. Prueba antes de asumir.

5. Centrarse en la interdependencia.

We all have certain communities of people or tribes that we naturally connect withyare attracted to. Seek out these people, help them, start conversations with them. These are the people that are most likely to identify with you, therefore the most likely to also supportypromote your work.

Find a way to connect with influential leaders or members of your tribe today. Whether it be through sending them a message on twitter, contacting them through their blog or emailing them directly. And if you can, try to get one of these people to mentor you. It can’t hurt to askyyou’ll be surprised at how genuinely helpful some of these people can be.

6. Descongele su pasión.

If you’ve been stuck in a cubicle-farm for some time, or have been in a less than ideal work situation, you’ve probably given up hope on some level. Being surrounded with people you’d rather not work with, grey walls, no windowsybad coffee tends to dampen your spirits. This dispirited condition may have progressed so far that you have trouble remembering what it’s like to be excited about your life.

That’s got to change. It’s time to reconnect with what you’re truly passionate aboutywake up to the possibility that you can start making your own rules. Life doesn’t have to be a struggle of paying your dues with the occasional bit of fun. Realize that you don’t have to live in the way you think is required.

7. Ser ridículo.

There’s obviously a certain societal value to being practical. But what’s easily overlooked is the value of being highly impractical. Tú have to be willing to take risks,ykeep your head in the clouds to be a successful trailblazer. Tú have to strike a balance between having roots (practicality)ywings (innovating).

Realize that all major revolutions in the world were first seen as crazy, ridiculousyabsurd. If you want to innovate, you’ll have to accept that the majority of the population will view you as a lunatic. Tú secretly know, though, that your level of lunacy is quite possibly your most valuable skill.

Trabajo para ti te obliga a crecer

One 0f the coolest things about entrepreneurship is that it’s one of the biggest catalysts for personal growth. Starting your own business is one of the most meaningful rights of passage you can go through. It will challenge you. It will make you question yourselfyforce you to get really clear about your purposeywhat you want to contribute. It boosts your confidenceyyour intelligence.

Pero sobre todo, te hace sentir orgulloso de ti al final del día.

Me siento tan apasionadamente acerca de esto que he creado un manifiesto llamado Liberación de la Revolución --Tiempo para cortar el cordón umbilical cubículo.It’s a wake up call to help you reclaim propietarioship of your time. To help you figure out a way to gain the courage to say Dear Boss: Tú’re Fired.

Haga clic aquí para descargar GRATIS el manifiesto

Este artículo fue escrito por Jonathan contribuyente Zen hábitos de Mead Mente iluminada . Para obtener más información acerca de cómo no arruinar tu vida, agarra un subscription to Mente iluminada.

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