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La naturaleza aborrece el vacío.Y lo mismo ocurre con I.- Anne Gibbons

Es una persona poco común entre nosotros,que espera que la limpieza de la casa.Ciertamente no,pero una casa limpia es algo que me gusta quizás demasiado.

Me encanta un limpio y despejado casa,y no estoy miedo de admitirlo.

Así que ¿cómo una persona como yo - una limpia freak - obtener de la casa bonita y limpia,sin demasiado trabajo? Estoy seguro de que usted sabe por ahora que si puedo mantener las cosas simples,soy feliz.

Yo experimento constantemente con las formas de simplificar mi casa de limpieza de rutina,y lo que sigue son algunas de las opciones que he experimentado con o estoy probando ahora.No todos los métodos de llamamiento a todos,pero estoy esperando que al menos algunas de las ideas tendrá alguna utilidad para usted,y quizás inspirar a una simple rutina en su vida.

Artículo rectores: Simplificar,simplificar
Thoreau,por supuesto,tenía tres simplifys en su famosa cita,pero me ha simplificado aún más esa norma.:)

Para mantener una casa limpia con el mínimo esfuerzo,la regla es simplificar lo más posible.Cuanto menos tenga,menos tendrá que limpiar y poner distancia.Algunos ejemplos:

  • Uncluttered una habitación,con sólo los muebles en el piso,es muy fácil de limpiar.Véase a continuación.Pero si usted tiene todo tipo de cosas en la habitación,doble o el triple de su tiempo de limpieza (o peor).
  • Menos ropa significa que tienen menos cosas para quitar y para lavar.Claro,si usted tiene un montón de ropa,ya se puede ir sin tener que lavar,dejar la ropa en una pila enorme de Fuji-,como de montaña.Pero,¿quién quiere hacer frente a esa montaña cuando te quedas sin ropa me pongo?
  • Menos las cosas en su cocina mediante el contador de limpieza es muy fácil - sólo le dan un rápido limpie con una toallita y ya está.No enderezar las cosas,la limpieza entre las cosas o bajo,poniendo las cosas.

Así que el primer paso para una rutina de limpieza minimalista es el más difícil: declutter la medida de lo posible,de modo que sólo tiene las cosas que usted usa a menudo a la muerte y el amor,y nada más.Algunas guías para hacer que: Cómo Declutter , 15 Gran Decluttering Consejos , Guía para la Creación de un minimalista Inicio .

Segunda regla: Meditar Mientras Limpieza
While housework is not looked upon favorably by many people,if done right,it can actually be very relaxing and destressing.Elkey is to be mindful and present while you clean.

I like to think of a Zen monk sweeping the floors of a temple when I sweep.It’s corny,maybe,but it really helps me focus on the sweeping,and it’s a form of meditation.In this way,I actually enjoy the cleaning,although I’d rather be writing to be honest.

El mejor momento para la planificación de un libro es al mismo tiempo que está haciendo los platos.- Agatha Christie

The key here,again,is keeping the floors clear of clutter.In my living room,for example,I have my couch and loveseat,a coffee table,a minimalist entertainment center (basically a very low,long table with only my TV on it),my computer table and chair,a side table,a lamp,and a small shelf.Nothing else is on the floor,which means lots of empty floor and very easy cleaning.

Once you’ve achieved this,here are some options:

  1. Barrido semanal.If you pick things up during the day and put them where they belong,the only thing your floor should need is a sweep,and perhaps an occasional mop if necessary.Once a week,my kids and my wife and I do a quick 30-minute cleaning — we divide the rooms and clean quickly.Sweeping the floors takes less than 10 minutes,and while I do that the younger kids dust the furniture.Elkitchen,of course,needs sweeping a little more than that,but it takes like 5 minutes.
  2. Robot limpiador.El Aspirar Roomba robot is something I’m thinking of trying out,and if the weekly sweeping or vacuuming doesn’t appeal to you,this might be a good option.It works best if you leave the floor decluttered,as mentioned above.Turn it on in the morning when you leave for work,and your floors stay clean.

Servicio de lavandería
Varias opciones funcionan bien para esta tarea:

  1. Semanal o quincenal.This is the option we choose.At the moment,we just take our loads to the laundromat,and get it all done in about 90 minutes.With the amount of loads we do,this saves a lot of time.Bring the loads home,fold and hang and put away.With all our kids helping,it doesn’t take long,and then the laundry’s done.
  2. Once daily,with a twist.If doing all your laundry at once doesn’t appeal to you,consider this slightly expensive but environmentally friendly (and power and water friendly) option: LG de carga frontal lavadora y secadora combo .No,it’s not a stackable washer and dryer.It’s a washer and dryer in one machine.That means you can toss in a load in the morning,and when you get back from work,it’ll be dry.Just fold and put away,and repeat the next time you need to do a load.Pretty slick.
  3. Drop-off de servicio.If you’re into outsourcing your work,this is a little more expensive,but it doesn’t get any easier.Many areas have laundry services where you can drop off your dirty laundry and pick it up at the end of the day,clean and folded.

Algunos puntos a tomar en la cocina:

  1. Borrar contadores.As with the floors,you should keep the counters clear.That means uncluttering it if you’ve got a bunch of gadgets.I’ve got a toaster and coffee-maker and nothing else.That makes it easy to wipe things down a couple times a day — takes about a minute.
  2. Limpieza-as-you-go .Another point that’s key is to wash dishes and wipe up any messes,as you make them.Don’t let dishes pile up in the sink.Just wash them as soon as you’re done.Takes about a minute or two.If everyone in the house does this,there’s no need for a long time spent at the sink.Also,there are usually some pots and pans if you cook — take turns doing this.But be sure to clean as you cook,so that there isn’t a huge mess in the kitchen.
  3. Semanal de picea.During our 30-minute cleaning session,not only do we sweep the floors,but we do a more thorough wipe-down of the rest of the kitchen.Doesn’t take long as we keep it pretty clean during the week.

Cuarto de baño
El cuarto de baño pueden obtener muy graves si se lo permite la misma.Aquí está la forma de evitar que:

  1. Limpieza-as-you-go.Same as the kitchen: when there’s dirt anywhere,clean it immediately.Again,it just takes a minute to wipe up a dirty bathroom sink,to give your toilet a quick swish-and-flush with the toilet brush,or to scrub the shower just before you shower yourself.And you don’t need to do these things every day — just when you see dirt.Dirt on the floor? Sweep it or wipe it — 2 minutes.
  2. Bi-semanal de limpieza.If you keep things clean in the bathroom on a daily basis,all you need to do is a quick once-over every other week or so.Do this during the 30-minute cleaning session,when necessary.

Niños Juguetes
Tenemos seis hijos.Es imposible mantener las cosas perfectamente limpio cuando seis niños están en una casa.Pero aquí es lo que nosotros hacemos:

  1. Regular decluttering.Every 3-6 months,we go through their closets to get rid of stuff they don’t play with anymore.Elkids are used to this,and actually do a good job of helping: “I don’t use this anymore,Dad!” Keeping their rooms (relatively) decluttered is key to maintaining sanity.They still have lots of toys,but at least it’s just the stuff they actually play with.
  2. Cestas.It’s important to have lots of baskets and other such containers.When it’s time to clean up,they can just toss the stuff in.No hassle.They also each have a set of three plastic drawers (their “cubbies”) that they can use to toss in their personal belongings.
  3. Rápida limpieza de.Throughout the day,messes are made,and we ask them to do a quick clean-up.It’ll be messy again in 10 minutes,but at least it’s a manageable mess.At the end of the day,the last clean-up lets us have some quiet time with a clean house.I will also go through the house from time-to-time and pick stuff up and throw them in baskets.

I’ve got a huge yard.You might not have the same problem.It’s nice for the kids to play in,but a hassle to maintain.A few options here:

  1. Alquilar.I finally gave in and hired a yard service,as I just don’t have the time or energy to keep the yard up by myself.I still do a few things when I can,but now the yard looks great with minimal effort.Again,think of it as outsourcing a non-core function — you can probably make more money doing something else (for me,it’s writing) than what it will cost to pay for the yard upkeep.
  2. Mínima patio.If you’re not going to pay for yard upkeep,you’ll want to keep things minimal.That can be anywhere from having no yard,to living in a condo/apartment area where the yard is a common area and maintained by a contractor,to keeping a small yard with very few things in it.That means few plants (only ones that can maintain themselves) and no junk.Elless you have in your yard,the better.Some people use a Zen-like rock or gravel garden instead of grass,which isn’t a bad option.Or,be a naturalist and let the grass go wild.
  3. Robot cortacésped. Friendly Robotics RoboMower. Haven’t tried this,but it looks super cool.Similar to the Roomba,but for your yard.Takes a bit of initial setup,but once you’re done … wow.If anyone has used this,let me know!

Cleanliness is next to impossible. - Autor desconocido

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