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5 طرق GTDتساعدك على تحقيق أهدافك

لقد ذكر أن GTDأنا مدمن على هذا الموقع من قبل (بلادي GTDتنفيذ ، GTDدليل المبتدئين ، وعقل مثل الماء) ، ولكن أريد الحديث عن السبب في انه وسيلة جيدة لتحقيق أهدافك.
الآن ، إذا كنت تسعى لتحقيق الأهداف ، ولست بحاجة لتنفيذ العديد من GTD... فعل على ما يرام من دون ذلك ، [...]

لقد ذكر أن I'ma GTD المدمن على هذا الموقع من قبل) My GTDImplementation ، Beginner’s GTDGuide ، العقل مثل الماء )،but I’d like to talk about why it’s a good tool for achieving your goals.

Now،if you’re trying to achieve goals،you يفعلn’t يحتاجto implement GTD… many have يفعلne just fine without it،of course. But every advantage that you can get will help،and GTDis just one tool that can help give you an advantage.

وإليك الطريقة :

  1. GTDbreaks your goals يفعلwn to the next-action level. Many people have big goals،but they يفعلn’t take it to the action level. GTDmandates that you select a next action for each project (and I consider each goal a project; although sub-goals could also be projects). This makes it كثيرالأرجح أن عليك أن تفعل شيئا في الواقع لزيادة أهدافك.
  2. GTDhelps you track your goals effectively. While you are not required to list your goals to start out GTD،it is encouraged once you get past the “runway” level and start looking at more elevated levels of life. But،in my case،I’d already started setting my goals،so they fit nicely in the GTDsystem as projects. And،if you’re يفعلing GTDright،with a weekly review،then you review your projects — and thus your goals — on a weekly basis،and ensure that there’s a next action for each goal in one of your context action lists.
  3. GTDhelps you put your goal next actions in the proper context. There are some goal actions that you can only take in a certain place — say،at home،or at work،or on the road. Ifهدفك الأعمال are all on one list،or all together with all the other stuff you have to يفعل on a Master List،then you’ll have to constantly evaluate whether you can actually يفعل each action،all the time. GTDsorts this out — only the actions you can يفعل at work are on your @work context list،etc. It simplifies things and makes it more likely that you’ll actually get the stuff يفعلne.
  4. GTDclears up time for you to يفعلهدفك الأعمال. OK،this is not a guarantee. Doing GTDيفعلesn’t ensure that you’ll actually get stuff يفعلne … but it يفعلes make it more likely،once you begin to master the system (and not continually tweak it). And it can help you clear away the smaller things so that when you want to work onهدفك الأعمال،you have the time.
  5. GTDlets you focus on your goals. One of the problems in our daily lives is that we’re distracted by all the things we have to يفعل — not just the stuff we’re actually يفعلing،but even the stuff we’re not يفعلing. GTDhelps you clear away the distractions،putting them in a trusted system،so that you can clear your head to focus on what it is you really want or يحتاجto يفعل (admittedly،even with GTD،this is not easily accomplished). If that happens to beهدفك الأعمال،then you can really focus on them. And focus is what really makes goals happen (and anything else for that matter).

Let me just conclude by saying that GTDis no magic wand that will make your goals come true. No such thing exists،of course. GTDis just a tool،but it is a very useful tool،and I highly recommend it for anyone trying to make dreams a reality.

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