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一些人 张贴 大约 本富兰克林的美德 , which is one of the coolest ideas for tracking your habits. I’ve thought 大约 this idea for quite some time, and just this week decided to tweak it to fit my own 目标.

我创建了一个简单的电子表格来跟踪我的习惯, 目标 从工作到戒烟咖啡因 我今天上午的例行 to my debt and savings 目标.

Now, I 有 a weekly schedule worked out so that each of these is scheduled for different days, so on this chart I 有 the other days greyed out when I don’t need to worry 大约 that goal or habit.

因此,这里的关键:每一个晚上,我回顾我的一天 (as Ben Franklin did). I look through the boxes for that day, and put a dot for the habits or 目标 I accomplished for that day, and an “x” for those I didn’t. My goal is to 有 all dots and no “x”s. Then, I look at what’s coming up for the next day, so I am prepared for tomorrow.

I do this review as the last thing I do before going to bed. It has been working like a charm. Like any system, it only works if you work it, but so far I’ve been working it. I highly recommend this system, as it’s a great way not only to track your 目标 and habits, but to motivate yourself to stick with it each day.

好吧,我知道这是非常相似的 乔的目标 ,但我喜欢这种模拟方法更好。本人打印出了几个小表(一半的信件大小的资产负债表) ,打印出一个不错的封面与Word的“习惯图书”前面。给它一个开枪!


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Zen Habits - Chinese (simplified)