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Zen Habits (Leo Babauta) - Chinese (traditional)




這是一個不同的故事今天。這些天來,我的書桌是總是很清楚,除了一件事我很努力,也許筆記本和筆的記下筆記,想法,或- DOS的,因為它們來了。這是一種解放的感覺..。...它平息箱減少壓力和混亂...肯定讓事情更容易找到...它讓我更有效率和生產力。


我很多的現行制度(而不是東西我一直在努力前進的道路上)幾乎完全是從想幹 “大衛艾倫(經 Lifehacker43文件夾必須閱讀,如果您尚未。


1。第一,採取一切都在您的辦公桌,在你的抽屜裡,並將其放入一個大樁。Put it in your “in basket” (if it doesn’t fit, pile it next to your desk or something)。From now on, everything that comes in must go in your in basket, and you process everything as below.

2。處理此樁自上而下。Never re-sort, never skip a single piece of paper, never put a piece of paper back on the pile。Do what needs to be done with that paper, and then move on to the next in the pile。The options: trash it, delegate it, file it, do it, or put it on a list to do later。In that order of preference。Do it if it takes 2 minutes or less to complete。If it takes more, and you can’t trash, delegate or file it, then put it on a list of to-dos (more on your to-do list in another post).

3。Repeat at least once daily to keep desk clear。一天結束時是最好的,但我傾向於進程和整理,我經過一天。Once you’ve processed your pile, your desk is clear。You’ve trashed or filed or somehow put everything where it belongs (not on top of your desk or stashed in a drawer)。Keep it that way。You must follow the system above: put everything in your inbox, then take action on each piece of paper in the inbox with one of the steps listed。If an item is on your to-do list, you can keep the paper associated with it in an “Action” folder。But you must regularly (daily or weekly) go through this folder to ensure that everything is purged.

It’s that simple。Have a phone number on a post-it? Don’t leave it on top of your desk。File it in your rolodex or contacts program。Have something you need to work on later? Don’t keep the papers on top of your desk。Put it on your to-do list, and file the papers in your Action folder。File or trash or delegate everything else.

Leaving stuff on top of your desk is procrastination (and as a procrastinator, I should know)。If you put it off until later, things will be sure to pile up on your desk。Deal with them immediately, make a decision, take action.

What I’ve described is a good habit to learn, but it takes time to learn it。You’ll slip。Just remind yourself, and then do it。Soon it’ll be a habit you have a hard time breaking。And trust me, once you’re used to your desk being clear, you won’t want to break this habit.



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Zen Habits - Chinese (traditional)